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The Sun is Shining, weather is sweet!

April 15, 2011 2 comments


Blue Skies

This is a great image to head into the weekend with in our minds.

I love the spring and summer as it is a time of hope. There are many places one can think to live in NYC. the most in demand areas are Gramercy, Union Square, Chelsea and the Village. The blend of subway access, tons of restaurants and shops to discover, a hip crowd and the feeling of safety due to so many people constantly around enjoying the area gives a fresh feeling.

There are many tree lined and even some cobblestone streets in the West Village. New York is often thought of as a building of huge skyscrapers, but being in these areas gives a glimpse into New York’s past and a more warm and serene feeling amidst the hustle and bustle found in midtown.

The high demand and low supply of housing here makes for an interesting dynamic. The market rate rents are higher than most of the people looking can afford. The best “deals” are often still way higher than anywhere else in the city. People still will line up and often, if a place is solid enough in terms of location, quality and space, people get very creative in figuring out a way to secure it.

There is nothing better than the right location in this city. People travel as much as two hours each way to commute into Manhattan to earn a higher salary. There are things we all trade off on to live here. Some prefer to get a lower cost of living for better space and quality. While others pay premium for the best possible location and as a result, feel that the quality of life is improved.

While I can’t say which way is right for your particular situation, I can definitely find the best in either respect if you need to move. The sun is shining, let’s enjoy it!



We love the nightlife! EVERYNIGHT!

March 29, 2011 1 comment


Contrary to what the powers that be may have you believe, this city is STILL the city that never sleeps. There is no place else in the country that will keep going until 4AM legally and if you network properly…well. Lol.

While the everyman looks forward to Fridays, in the native New Yorker’s mind, EVERY day has the potential to be Friday! There is ALWAYS something going on here, you just have to know where to look. Here is a snapshot at the more mainstream events happening here during the week. Work M-F 9-5? So take power naps and stop being silly. You’ll get plenty of sleep when you are dead. You only get one NYC life to lead, so make the most of it!

early work week jams

And should you find yourself wondering what else to do, there are also these choices as well.

NY go to late spots

Many more to come!



March 22, 2011 Leave a comment


This is a long shot here. But I think Cuba Gooding Jr may actually resurrect his career with this role!

Check out the trailer and offer feedback.

Aside from that quick hit, get your shields, hammers, invisible planes and lasso’s because this is the season of the super hero! Captain America, Thor, and even a Wonder Woman pilot!

There are plenty of mainstream and independent films coming this year. Go watch some movies!


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