Brothers and Sisters Testify

We came here not knowing what to expect from Seattle. He took time to show us places in our price range from Hell’s Kitchen all the way up into Inwood. He was knowledgeable and comfortable with EVERY area of town and we knew that was not for us. In the end, he found us the perfect space on the UWS half a block from Central Park before it even hit the market! -YW/MB UWS, 2010

Thank you so much for everything you did for us.  You made this whole process so easy.  We could not have done it without you!  I think we are both super excited about the apartment and can’t wait to move in.
Have a great weekend too and thanks for the movers information. – MA Village, 2008

“When my wife and I were relocating to the New York area, it was a real long-distance affair. We had both been working overseas for the past three years and had no idea where to begin our search. Neither of us were very familiar with Brooklyn, and a lot of the old neighborhoods had changed a lot since we had left the states. We contacted several agents, but most of them blew us off or took forever to return our e-mails and calls. Finally we found Ronnie. He went through the process with us every step of the way, including telephone calls after business hours, detailed faxes and e-mails, and most importantly, he tried to answer all of our questions as best and as quickly as he could. It’s hard enough to get a place in this town if you’re already here, but try doing it from 4000 miles and four time zones away!”- Samuel, Brooklyn, NY Apr 2008

“My sister and I needed a space in between our jobs. He came highly referred from a friend that worked with him multiple times before. He showed us three places that were quite nice but the fourth was perfect as it is RIGHT ON UNION SQUARE WEST! We have split bedrooms with a living room in the middle in the most in demand area of town. There’s no way we would’ve got this place without you. You took time to listen to our needs and watched the market like a hawk until the right place was there. ” -BS, Union Square March 2008

“This guy wears more hats than anybody I know. He picked us up by car at the airport, showed us places all along the East Side from Upper to the Village, took us on our first subway ride in NYC, recommended the perfect place for our first dinner in NYC and then after two eight hour days of that, kept working with me and found us a super place after six months of looking. We signed leases 90 stories high in my building with Derek Jeter working out in the fitness center the same day. I sure am glad I got the Queen to up the budget!” -GJ, Wales, Dec 2007

“My friend found her place with him after no one else wanted to work with her because of her budget and her dog. I listened to him and came with all of my paperwork in a folder. The first place we saw in a blizzard but it was on Sullivan and in my budget. Every other agent told me there was no way I could live in the village on my budget, but he just said ‘You are a friend of a friend, if anybody can find it, I’m your man.’ -LS, West Village, Nov 2007

“We were coming from the left coast and he made it easy for me to get started here, view places PREPARED with the proper paperwork in hand, sign a lease and reschedule my flight back home EARLIER for the same day so I could catch some waves before moving here. He even got my wife her windowed kitchen!” -AR, UWS, Aug 2006

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