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Third times a charm!



Remember when I wrote about Chock full o’Nuts last Wednesday? Well I am here again. This is where my post depression style gangster voice kicks in. “Let me tell ya something, see… The “Chock Burger”, it’s what a burger should be, see. Come in, have a cup of joe and let go, see?!!!”

I can’t even find a word that does justice for how moist and juicy this thing is. I did the Chock double and it was intense. While it looked too big at first, it fit right into my mouth and smoothly into my belly! There’s a single, double and even a triple. The patties are the perfect size to go to town on it without much hassle at all. For the non-carnivorous, yes they do turkey or porta-bello mushroom burgers as well.

The beast is topped with caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms, I went with swiss cheese and apple-wood smoked bacon. Everything was done just right. The bun was lightly toasted and when I tell you yummy… Whoa man! Last week I had an omelet and while those are generally easy anywhere (you’d think), that was perfectly fluffy and had the right amount of cheese and toppings.

The coffee is top notch and one of the ORIGINAL NY coffee houses. I know the grade is better than Starbucks, because the Dunkin bean is a better bean than the bean that they use. This tastes as good as Dunkin’s, slightly different type of bean and I’d really have to do the black coffee taste test with the two of those to pick a winner. Even then, apples and oranges are tough to compare. Either way, the refills keep coming so say what’s up to Stephen when you stop in and tell him he’s an internet celebrity.

I know you have your trendy starbucks and shake shack followers, but don’t sleep on the original New York style. Like that watch slogan, “We take a licking and keep on ticking!”

A friend saw me check in on facebook and asked “didn’t I just see you there yesterday?

The streets is watching, ya heard!

Ahh, theme from Busom Buddies, Hall and Oates and Micheal McDonald!
Yes, I get down with “yacht rock” music too 😉

R$ Blessed

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