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Everybody is blogging, are you?

I started my first blog back in 2007. I knew that people were making money and becoming overnight sensations from blogging but was really just aiming to provide better value for my real estate clients. It could be a central place online (before cloud) for documents, information and pictures without the need for a slew of questions and emails. My writing itself is decent, but I really had no clue of what I was doing in a “blogging” sense.

So here it is four years later and Perez Hilton is a household name, blogging for dollars is a household source of employment for many and I am still writing. I have heightened my focus with my writing now and have several blogs, each is tailored for a specific niche and one is of a more personal perspective. It is a process of growth and development that is quite rewarding for me. I learn, apply and learn and reapply on a daily basis. It’s actually self fulfilling as the more I write, the more I learn.

I have joined some groups and tribes and while still a “newbie” I can see the great opportunities that this presents. It is great knowing that there are people out there on the same path, perhaps a bit further down the road or even at the finish line cheering you one. It’s like an online version of the NYC Marathon. Remember the Starsky and Hutch remake to hit theaters year’s back? Instead of just my pal Johnny saying it to me, I have found a virtual nation of people saying “DO IT-DO IT-DOOOO IT!”

This brings me to the title question. Are you blogging? If so, what about? How often do you write? What do you do to keep motivated and break any writers block? There is a wealth of information out there and with it, the food for thought is endless. Did you ever hear the tale of Thor drinking from the horn when challenged by Utgard-Loke? He drank long and heartily three times from the horn, but each time he drank, when he set the horn down, it was barley empty. Turns out it was a clever deception as the horn was attached to an ocean and so it would refill. Thor angrily stopped after the third swig.

That’s kind of how it feels. It was not that Thor was a light drinker, but he was fooled by deception and illusions. Well unlike that guy, I am not getting mad about it. If this horn keeps filling from the ocean, I guess I’ll just drink a Norse God with a movie coming out this summer under a table! The real irony is that I actually met a guy named Thor one night in the east village (he even had a hammer pendant on his neck!) and we played a drinking game called Captain Pat. I’m still here and haven’t seen or heard from him since I became a general that night.

Don’t tell me there is a shortage of things to write about. I am just getting started after doing it for four years. So come and drink with me and don’t set the horn down. As the title reads, I am blogging are you?

  1. April 4, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    I’ve actually got 4 blogs now all networked together. I seem to always be able to find something to write about too LOL

    • April 4, 2011 at 2:20 PM

      Hi Brenda,
      Thanks for the comment love! It makes the blogs go round!
      I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one with lofty ambitions!
      See you round the blog-sphere!
      R$ Blessed

  1. April 3, 2011 at 10:30 PM

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