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What really drives/inspires you?


My Motivation

That’s my 2 year old Naomi with my 2 month old Florencia in a doll stroller. Seeing the joy of children is something that changes a man. I am grateful to be in their lives daily.

This is a great city. I am from here so I am biased. With that being said, New York City is a fantastic place to live and die, struggle to survive. The old saying really rings true. If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere.

I find it hard to believe that people can be so negative. Well actually, let me re-phrase that. CHOOSE to be so negative. Sure it is a road full of u-turns, dark alleys, dead ends and potholes. “HELLO! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” Dorothy, you are NOT in Kansas anymore. IT’S NY FREAKIN CITY!

Now I have had my moments of getting stuck in some of those potholes. Actually, it felt more like I found Allie The Gator and the Mole people I was so low. If you can just stop trying to do things and just allow yourself to be human amidst the madness for a bit, you can actually find great inspiration almost anywhere.

Ride the subways? There is always a great musician, dancer or artist somewhere. While I do miss the graffitti, the way some of these trains are plastered with ads, it kinda is like corporate graffitti these days!

Like food? There are a gazillion different places serving culinary cuisines from all over the world. Stroll down Ninth Ave in Hell’s Kitchen (What, you thought I was gonna call it Clinton in THIS segment? Yea Right!)

There is always Central Park, The Rivers, Skyscrapers, Broadway and so many other PURE NYC experiences that someone like me who has been here so long that I literally opened a subway station with Mayor Dinkins may miss.

So what inspires or drives you?


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